Center Etiquette

While we love kids, the Acupressure Massage Center of Morristown is a place to nurture you body in peace and quiet. We ask that you make babysitting arrangements prior to your visit so you can receive your therapy experience without the distraction of your children.

Please remember to turn off your cell phones and pagers while visiting the center. For your convenience there is a phone available at the front desk and we will gladly take messages while you are in your therapy session.

For first time clients, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This allows time for you to fill out our intake form and change before your massage therapy session.

Returning clients, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to discuss your current therapy needs and to change before your massage therapy session.


Thank you for visiting the Acupressure Massage Center of Morristown. We look forward to serving you again and again.

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